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Social Media needs to change. Human beings are social creatures, and we are social by nature. The potential of the internet to connect us to one another like never before is undeniable. So why are there studies linking social media to depression, addiction and other ill effects? How can social media be causing people to be even less social?

Well, there are thousands of social scientists and scholars working on explaining why, but we don't have to dig too deep for some clues.

When the algorithms (programming) is designed to sell things to you. Track your every move across thousands of websites, collect and sell every possible data endpoint on you imaginable, it isn't hard to imagine negative effects. When social media is designed for profit, not for people, and when the priorities are wrong... is it fair to even call it social media? Maybe it should be called social milking, or social exploitation, or some other term which more accurately describes what is actually going on.

Social Media needs to be more of a public utility, not designed for profit, but to help people connect to one another. Algorithms shouldn't be designed to how to best sell to you, they should be designed to help you find ways to make your life more fulfilling, and help foster deeper and more meaningful relationships. Social media should enhance, not exploit.

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